The principle is very simple !

Do you want to sell an object, new or used? Are you an individual or a professional? Define a number of slots, as well as the price of each slot. Our built-in calculator helps you see the final amount of your sale in real time.
Define the delivery terms (included or not, via which delivery method, hand delivery, etc.) as well as the condition of the item.

Example: Are you selling an item worth € 100? For example, you can define 50 slots of 2 € each, 40 of 2.5 € or 25 of 4 €.

You then have a certain amount of time for all of your slots to be purchased by users, whose money from the purchased slots is blocked in an online account. If at the end of this period, visible in real time on your ad, all the slots have not been sold, the sale is canceled, and the users who have made a purchase are refunded to their Waffle Raffle wallet.

If all the slots are reserved before the end of the time limit, an automatic drawing of slots takes place. A winner is randomly selected, and will be put in contact with the seller. Once the transaction confirmation is completed, the money from the sale is transferred to the seller.

Note that the automatic draw can be blocked on request, to make room for a more fun live draw, for example with a site such as or It could be a simple draw, or a “Last man standing”: each time the wheel stops on a name, it is eliminated, and the wheel relaunched until it stops. ‘there is only one person left, declared the winner!

Tips :

  1. Do not be too greedy, in order to increase your chances of selling all the slots in the allowed time, and that a raffle can emerge and your sale is finalized. You can, however, charge a little more than the value of your property. Everyone must find something for themselves!
  2. Consider balancing the number of slots and the price. On average, 15 to 50 locations is a good range. For larger projects requiring a greater number of numbered locations (for example a luxury car, or a trip), we invite you to contact us directly.
  3. Communicate your ad as much as possible, by posting it on social medias for example, or in specialized groups depending on the nature of your property.
  4. Be as complete as possible in your description! A transparent advertisement will avoid any unpleasant surprises.
  5. Sales contracts (for generic goods, as well as for cars) are available in your personal space, as well as the “useful documents” section, in particular in the event of personal delivery.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us via or via our contact page.

Note that “verified” profiles are under development, and we are therefore looking for professional partners wishing to supply our platform with goods for sale.